Cascade Springs Nature Conservancy Community Engagement Meeting, February 3rd, 2022


Introduce the Cascade Springs Nature Conservancy

Explain our vision and Inspiration

Talk about our mission

Describe our success stories

 1. INTRODUCTIONS: Our Team, our Panel, Other Officials


 2. SITE NAVIGATION: Home, About, Explore, Ways To Help


 3. THE GLADE PROJECT PROCESS: Needs Assessment, Concept Development, Funding, Project Initiation, Survey, Site Development, Cost Assessment, Permitting, Construction


 4. PROJECT STATUS: – Panel reports on current projects:  The Glade, Trailhead Boardwalk -David Lloyd Davis; Radcliffe Bailey Sculpture – Samara Minkin; Watershed Restoration – Dr. Osborne Jelks, Marilyn Arrington 


 5. QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS: – Please type any questions into the Q & A button and the Panel will answer them at the end of the presentation.  


 6. CLOSING REMARKS:Please visit our WAYS TO HELP menu to learn how you can support the preserve.

Thank you for your time.  Stay tuned for more details about the next community engagement webinar to provide an update on the Design process.