The Cascade Glade Project

Inspired by the 10 minute walk

The Cascade Glade Project was designed to answer community concerns about the lack of safe access to the CSNP (Cascade Springs Nature Preserve).

It all started in 2018 when CSNC, formerly (Friends of Cascade Springs Nature Preserve) met with various community members and park visitors to identify that people felt unsafe in the parking and trailhead areas. Local residents also expressed a sense of disconnection from the preserve. To get a perspective on a possible solution, we conducted a community-wide survey. The overwhelming majority of respondents wanted a multi-use trail connecting Cascade Road to the trailhead in the preserve.  People just wanted to be able to walk or roll to the park without getting into the car.

In 2019, driven by a quest to figure out how to satisfy community needs, CSNC worked with civic leaders to plan a $400k capital improvement project to enhance safety and access to the nature preserve.

First, we obtained a $300,000 funding commitment from Atlanta City Councilmember Marci Collier Overstreet. Next, we raised another $100,000 from a Park Pride Legacy grant to fund improvements to the preserve’s entranceway, parking area, and meadows. In the winter of 2021, DPR (the Department of Parks and Recreation) initiated the Cascade Glade Project . The project’s phases will include: procurement, community engagement, design, permitting, and construction.  The project is now in the procurement phase to onboard design, engineering, and construction contractors. In August 2021, the design team was selected. To help connect the municipality’s design team with the community, CSNC representatives began reaching out to Cascade Heights residents to collect their contact information and facilitate public participation in the design of the project. Once all the community contact information has been collected, CSNC will pass it on to the City of Atlanta’s Department of Parks and Recreation, who will conduct a community engagement process for the project.

A draft schedule has the project to begin a public participation phase in the 1st quarter of 2022. The video below illustrates the concept plan prepared for fundraising purposes. This visual is only a concept. The actual design begins with the community’s input. Please watch the video for more details on the concept plan.

The CSNC team is continuing its outreach efforts and looks forward to engaging with the community on this and other park improvement projects.

Cascade Glade Draft Design